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We are a group of hard-working, fun-loving people who build cutting-edge technology for your real problems.

Whether as a customer, partner, or employee, you’ll be surrounded by people invested in your success. You will WANT to work with Decision Lens.

Our Story

What started as a family business based on ground-breaking academic research has steadily grown into a thriving enterprise helping organizations from all sectors operate more effectively and serve their customers better. We take pride knowing our solutions are in the hands of industry leaders in Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Energy, Federal and State agencies, and more.  We’re a hard-working, fun-loving group of individuals focused on success. Success of our customers. Success of our colleagues. Success of our company.

Our Solution

Decision Lens is the complete, end-to-end software solution and business process for identifying, prioritizing, analyzing, and measuring which investments, projects, or resources will deliver the highest returns to your organization, while empowering you to quickly react to ever-changing data. Through advanced analytics and flexible, custom visualizations, organizations can immediately see the impact and trade-offs of the choices they make between investment options. Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of prioritization and resource optimization, while maximizing the ROI of your portfolio.

Our Core Values

We are committed and excited champions of quality decision making and the cutting edge technology that enables the Decision Lens process. We are motivated to unleash the potential of organizations around the world.

We establish and safeguard personal and organizational credibility by maintaining a culture of high ethical values and standards. We are honest with ourselves and our customers about our capabilities and growth potential.We honor our commitments. We do not compromise our customers, our colleagues, or our company.

We challenge the norm, strive to overcome obstacles, and exceed expectations. We are creative, bold, and forthcoming with innovative ideas. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to sustain our integrity and culture.

We demonstrate a shared understanding of what it means to “drive insights that unleash the potential of organizations”. We understand that each division of the organization is equally valued and plays a role in growing decision lens each day. We proactively assist one another, share information, enable, mentor, and collaborate with one another to achieve this end.

Customer Focus
We forge long term relationships with our customers as their trusted partners and advisors. We identify and select customers who can attain maximum benefit from the solutions we deliver. We employ innovative and creative approaches designed to enable them to rapidly institutionalize Decision Lens methodologies into their process. We listen to and act upon each customer’s unique issues, yet leverage our expertise in similar verticals to help them achieve their strategic goals.

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