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Decision Lens Exhibiting at Sea-Air-Space 2013 Expo

April 3, 2013

Decision Lens, the leading provider of cloud-based collaborative decision making software, announced today that it will be exhibiting at the Sea-Air-Space 2013 Expo. The event is the largest maritime exposition in the country and will bring together key military decision makers, who often require Decision Lens’ proprietary decision making software to help piece together multi-billion dollar budgets. Decision Lens’ Analytical Hierarchy Process is a very unique platform that has helped thousands of government and military decision makers solve highly complex budgets, resource allocation, human capital management, risk analysis and management, etc.

In April, Decision Lens will be distributing a report outlining 7 key steps to effectively build long-term budgets. This report is based on 10 years of Decision Lens helping decision makers at a wide variety of government and defense clientele including the Department of Defense/Joint Staff, Navy, Army, Air Force, Military Health System, Defense Logistics Agency, NASA, CENTCOM, among others.

The Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition was founded in 1965 as a means to bring the U.S. defense industrial base, private-sector U.S. companies and key military decision makers together for an annual innovative, educational, professional and maritime based event located in the heart of Washington, DC.  Sea-Air-Space is now the largest maritime exposition in the U.S. and continues as an invaluable extension of the Navy League’s mission of maritime policy education and sea service support.

“Today’s generation of defense projects require Decision Lens’ assistance to help make the best choices because they involve a collaboration of multiple decision makers from both private industries, the military, and bureaucratic liaisons,” said John Kealey, CEO of Decision Lens. “We look forward to participating in this year’s Sea-Air-Space Expo and being able to showcase first-hand how Decision Lens is helping take the complexity out of a very arduous decision making process that can involve billions of tax payer dollars and multiple stakeholders.”

The Sea-Air-Space Expo 2013 will take place from April 8 – 10th, at Gaylord National Event and Convention  Center, located in National Harbor, Maryland.  Decision Lens will be exhibiting at booth #2451. More details about the event can be found at http://www.seaairspace.org.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens (@DecisionLens) develops progressive decision-making software solutions that allow organizations to make complex decisions more effectively and efficiently. Our collaborative software platform structures decisions, quantifies intangible factors, and evaluates choices that enable organizations to reach their goals.

Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of decision making, maximizes returns, and provides accountability and transparency for how decisions are made.

For more information contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100 or visit http://www.decisionlens.com/contact.