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Decision Lens introduces Value Gates

February 25, 2007

Decision Lens introduces Value Gates™ — Value Delivery Assessment and Ongoing Improvement of Decision Making

Decision Lens’ Value Gates™ methodology is used to help decision makers formulate and continuously strengthen their assumptions as they develop ideas into projects and then execute those projects.

For example, Value Gates would assist with decisions regarding product development where new products move from the research and development stage to the market shelf.

In the early stages of this process, decision makers have relatively little data, so they use Decision Lens to make judgments about the potential value of ideas.

In the later stages of the Value Gates process, decision makers import actual performance data into the Decision Lens model to test and validate their earlier assumptions.

Good ideas can be rewarded with more resources, while bad ideas can be quickly flagged and either sent back for more development or terminated quickly to avoid wasting resources.

With the Value Gates methodology, decision makers can evaluate ideas at each level of maturity and analyze investments in order to determine their potential for success, risk and actual value to the business.