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Decision Lens’ New Alignment Index Provides Breakthrough Insights into Decision Makers Priorities

May 15, 2008

Arlington, VA. — A new feature in Decision Lens’ software now offers users even more valuable information when it comes to making complex decisions.

The Alignment Index is a powerful diagnostic tool that shows how similar or diverse a group is in their priorities and objectives. It quantifies, across multiple individuals, the differences in what individuals are valuing as the key drivers of their organization as compared to the group’s overall results. This provides management and the group with unique insight and a clear view of how aligned the team is, walking “in step” to achieve goals, or at odds with one another.

“Most organizations have no way to evaluate whether the decision makers are actually on the same page. More often than not, we are finding one decision maker is focused on achieving goals through one means, while the others are pursuing different goals along entirely different paths — with all of this under the same umbrella of ‘objectives’,” said John Saaty, CEO of Decision Lens. “You can either hope that everyone arrives at a successful conclusion, or use DL’s Alignment Index to ensure the alignment of the priorities of your team and organization. If you want a well-oiled machine, placing the same values across your objectives is where you need to start in order to achieve success.”

Decision Lens guides users through a structured decision-making process using an intuitive and powerful interface, tests the strength of decisions through sensitivity analysis and scenario-based optimization, and enables the organization to bring together multiple participants as a group.

Decision Lens is a unique cost-effective solution to help businesses, government and other leading organizations to make critical decisions on crucial issues using the intelligence of key players, vital data, and other relevant factors. The system is available in a desktop version and a recently launched secure Web edition that enables key decision-makers anywhere in the world to participate in real-time.

Decision Lens software is used throughout the federal government including organizations such as the Joint Staff, Department of Agriculture, Navy, Air Force, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the Intelligence Community. Within the commercial market, Decision Lens has numerous well-known clients including eBay, Johnson and Johnson, Corporate Executive Board, and Blue Bunny among other organizations.

About Decision Lens 

Decision Lens Inc., headquartered in Arlington, VA, provides a family of desktop and Web-based software solutions designed to support group decision-making for planning, financial, IT and performance-related decisions.

Our comprehensive solutions manage the strategic alignment of goals and priorities with investments in people, projects, products and suppliers. Billions of dollars worth of decisions were made using Decision Lens this past year. By combining advanced decision-making techniques with world-class performance visualization capabilities, Decision Lens supports dynamic decision-making based on a well-structured, rational framework with superior reporting.