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Decision Lens Selected by GlaxoSmithKline to Prioritize Capital Improvement Projects

May 28, 2014

GSK Deploys Decision Lens’ Capital Assets Product to Prioritize and Optimize Resources for Complex Capital Investments

Decision Lens, the leading provider of cloud-based prioritization and resource optimization software, announced today that it is being used by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to prioritize capital improvement projects meant for the pharmaceutical giant’s global research and development (R&D) initiatives. Fueling the prioritization process is Decision Lens’ new Capital Assets product, a highly-advanced analytic platform that makes it easier and more repeatable to build prioritized capital portfolios and optimized, performance-based implementation plans.

Prior to using Decision Lens, GSK employed a manually-driven method to assess, prioritize, and fund new facilities for global R&D initiatives. After thorough vetting on the part of GSK, the firm selected Decision Lens’ new Capital Assets product because they needed to transition to an analytical, collaborative, and transparent strategic prioritization process. Once Capital Assets was deployed, GSK was able to use Decision Lens’ advanced analytics and collaboration to clearly assess and evaluate the difficult tradeoffs across their capital portfolio, and to consistently assess new R&D facility proposals. Capital Assets also allowed GSK to gain organizational buy-in by involving R&D stakeholders from 5 US & UK locations in the facility prioritization process.

“With Global R&D initiatives where billions of dollars are at stake over the future success and reputation of a company, we are pleased that Fortune 500 firms like GlaxoSmithKline are discovering firsthand how Decision Lens can provide the tools necessary to make the right decisions when it comes to evaluating and prioritizing global capital improvement projects,” remarked John Kealey, CEO of Decision Lens. “In the business world we live in today, decisions are only getting harder, not easier. As more data and information make it into the analysis process, executives need a platform like Decision Lens that can provide the perfect balance of analytics, collaboration, and transparency to make the right calls.”

The company serves numerous well-known commercial clients including Kraft, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Boeing, and Shell, among other organizations. Decision Lens software also is used widely throughout the Federal government with clients in the US Navy, the Joint Staff and USDA, and in state and local organizations including PennDOT, California Technology Agency, SFMTA, and UTA among many others.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens (@DecisionLens) develops progressive optimization software solutions that allow organizations to make complex decisions more effectively and efficiently. Our collaborative software platform structures decisions, quantifies intangible factors, and evaluates choices that enable organizations to reach their goals. Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of prioritization and resource optimization, while maximizing returns, and providing accountability and transparency for how decisions are made. For more information, contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100 or visit http://www.decisionlens.com/contact.