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Decision Lens Selected by Idaho Transportation Department for Capital Planning and Prioritization

September 11, 2013

Decision Lens, the leading provider of cloud-based prioritization and resource optimization software, announced today that it has been chosen by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) to deliver software and services in support of its long term capital planning projects and goals associated with the department’s new Investment Corridor Analysis Planning System (ICAPS). As part of Decision Lens’ mission, the technology firm will be primarily responsible for categorizing and prioritizing the performance measures used by the ITD’s leadership team to allocate dollars for each capital project.

The ITD, which employs 1,827 employees, serves the citizens of Idaho from its headquarters in Boise and six district offices in Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston, Boise, Shoshone, Pocatello and Rigby. As part of the ITD’s mission to become the best transportation department in the country it launched ICAPS, a new framework for performance-based planning and investment analysis. It is corridor-based, user-focused, data-driven, and is tied to the strategic plan. The tool is meant to foster better communication about ITD’s performance and accomplishments. It also identifies the long-term vision, models fiscal realities and will assist with prioritizing projects that Decision Lens will now manage. Some of the ICAPS outcomes include a unified message for investment requirements, a single transportation investment analysis framework and investments that create a positive economic environment in Idaho. It will enhance accountability, transparency, and system performance; be outcome-based; and provide data for cost-effective decision-making. With the assistance of Decision Lens, the next steps for this initiative are to identify performance objectives, measures, targets and timeframes.

“State transportation departments are increasingly being tasked to be smarter with their budgets and resources, ultimately requiring Decision Lens to replace an in-house process used over decades to make decisions with an advanced technology platform that helps decision makers make wise choices when it comes to billions of dollars in taxpayer funds,” said John Kealey, CEO of Decision Lens. “The Idaho Transportation Department is striving to become the top ranked state transportation department in the country and with the deployment of Decision Lens they will have the necessary tools to more quickly and accurately prioritize their projects and allocate the optimal amount of budget.”

Decision Lens provides guidance and support for mass transit agencies and transportation departments throughout the country. The company works closely with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to prioritize resources and projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA), Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) also use Decision Lens for planning and resource optimization among others.

The company serves numerous well-known national and international commercial clients including Kraft, Genentech, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, Shell, among other organizations. Decision Lens software also is used widely throughout the government with clients in the US Navy, the Joint Staff and USDA.

About Decision Lens 

Decision Lens (@DecisionLens) develops progressive decision-making software solutions that allow organizations to make complex decisions more effectively and efficiently. Our collaborative software platform structures decisions, quantifies intangible factors, and evaluates choices that enable organizations to reach their goals. Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of decision making, maximizes returns, and provides accountability and transparency for how decisions are made. For more information contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100 or visit http://www.decisionlens.com/contact.