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Decision Lens Selected by Navy’s Commander Operational Testing and Evaluation Force

October 16, 2009

Software Platform Chosen to Support Go/No Go Criteria Decisions for New Naval Planes, Ships and Systems

Arlington, VA— Decision Lens has been selected by the US Navy's Commander Operational Testing and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR) to facilitate the process for fleet introduction of planes, ships and systems. The value of the contract was not disclosed, by mutual agreement.

As the sole independent agent for Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) in the Navy's acquisition process, COMOPTEVFOR advises the Chief of Naval Operations on the operational effectiveness and suitability of new and improved war fighting systems and capabilities, tactics, and procedures.

"With Decision Lens, the Navy continues to close the gap on its goal to make the decision process for fleet introduction more consistently applied, defensible, and transparent," said Decision Lens CEO John Saaty. "Decision Lens structures the evaluation process and focuses resources on addressing any shortfalls which may exist. The result is a lucid, more reliable test process."

COMOPTEVFOR conducts OT&E in a realistic operational environment. The organization provides independent evaluation of the operational effectiveness and suitability of naval aviation, surface, subsurface, expeditionary, cryptologic, and space systems in support of Department of Defense and Navy acquisition and fleet introduction decisions.

By bringing together test experts to set appropriate go/no-go criteria in a team setting, Decision Lens supports COMOPTEVFOR's mission of ensuring that new planes, ships, or systems not only work to specifications, but also work effectively under actual field conditions. Decision Lens software is used throughout the federal government including organizations such as the Joint Staff, Navy, and across the Intelligence Community. Within the commercial market, Decision Lens has numerous well-known clients including Johnson and Johnson, Corporate Executive Board, and the NFL among other organizations.

About Decision Lens 

Decision Lens Inc. provides easy-to-use software solutions to take the guesswork out of mission-critical enterprise planning, financial, IT and performance-related decisions. Powerful desktop and Web-based applications enable Decision Lens clients to save billions of dollars, aligning their strategic operational goals and priorities with the best possible investments in people, projects, products and suppliers. Sophisticated mathematical analysis, superior reporting and world-class performance visualization capabilities allow Decisions Lens users to instantly understand the potential ramifications of changing business scenarios. For more information, contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100 or www.decisionlens.com.