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Leading Analyst Firm Names Decision Lens Among “Who’s Who in Collaborative Decision Making”

September 22, 2011

Decision Lens, a leading provider of desktop and Web-based decision support software for enterprise resource allocation and planning, today announced that it has been listed in a research note by Gartner, Inc., titled,  “Who’s Who in Collaborative Decision Making.” Last year, Decision Lens was listed by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in collaborative decision-making.

“Who’s Who in Collaborative Decision Making” was published September 1, 2011, and written by Gartner analyst Rita L. Sallam.

The report discusses the capabilities of software in the context of improving business intelligence (BI). According to the report, “Decision making is such a fundamental activity to the success of any organization — regardless of whether it is for profit, not for profit or a government — that improving it is by far the No. 1 driver of BI investment.”

“We’re pleased to have topped our ‘Cool Vendor’ listing of last year by being part of Gartner’s prestigious ‘Who’s Who’ research note this year,” said Decision Lens CEO John Saaty. “This confirms, we believe, the importance of the work we’ve done in prioritizing projects, spending and other resource allocation for clients in both government and industry.”

“With our advanced decision optimization engine and decision methodology, Decision Lens’ software allows ourclients to compare apples to oranges and come up with sound decisions that support their mission goals,” Saaty added.

“Our Web-enabled software is being continually refined with more sophisticated mathematical algorithms and new functionality that we believe will ensure that Decision Lens will always be at the top of any list of collaborative decision making leaders.”

Decision Lens serves numerous well-known national commercial clients including Kraft, Johnson and Johnson, Petrobras and the NFL, among other organizations. Decision Lens software also is used widely throughout the federal government and across the Intelligence Community, with clients in the US Navy, the Joint Staff and CENTCOM.

About Decision Lens

Decision Lens develops progressive decision-making software solutions that allow organizations to make complex decisions more effectively and efficiently. Our collaborative software platform structures decisions, quantifies intangible factors, and evaluates choices that enable organizations to reach their goals.

Decision Lens improves the speed and quality of decision making, maximizes returns, and provides accountability and transparency for how decisions are made.

For more information contact Decision Lens at 703-399-2100.

Visit us at http://www.decisionlens.com or follow us on Twitter @DecisionLens.