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The Navy’s Technology Enterprise Teams with Decision Lens

August 8, 2008

Innovative Software Assisting Navy's Strategic IT Decisions and Allocation of Resources to Enhance Naval Warfighting Capabilities

Arlington, Virginia — The Navy's premier IT enterprise, the Naval NETWAR FORCEnet Enterprise (NNFE), has selected Decision Lens to assist in prioritizing strategic decisions in IT capital planning and portfolio management to meet its mission of delivering network-centric capabilities to enhance the Navy's combat abilities.

NNFE provides warfighting and business information capabilities and systems, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures, and people to Naval, Joint and Coalition Forces to win in all phases of warfare. The NNFE develops processes that align functional commands, improve readiness, and make better decisions regarding how to allocate critical financial and manpower resources.

Decision Lens is working with NNFE to develop a customized investment evaluation model to prioritize the use and implementation of more than 100 IT programs, worth billions of dollars. Their innovative software allows NNFE to weigh all key factors and data including the intelligence of senior military and civilian leaders to effectively and efficiently allocate resources and manpower, while conducting cost-benefit analysis to support budget decisions and helping to optimize the employment of additional capabilities.

"With the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and potential new international conflicts emerging rapidly, it is essential that our Navy be prepared to quickly and efficiently mobilize forces and resources to ensure the safety of our country and its interests," said John Saaty, chief executive officer of Decision Lens. "Given the size and breadth of the Navy, these are extremely difficult and complex decisions. Our software and technology will help NNFE to prioritize and implement these critical strategic IT decisions to meet their mission. Decision Lens is honored to work with NNFE to improve our nation's warfighting readiness."

Decision Lens' unique software solution has help government, businesses and other leading organizations make critical decisions on crucial issues using the intelligence of key players, vital data and other relevant factors. The system is available in a desktop version and as a secure online edition, which enables key-decision makers anywhere in the world to participate in real-time. Decision Lens software is used throughout the federal government including organizations such as the Joint Staff, Department of Agriculture, Navy, Air Force, Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Intelligence Community. Within the commercial market, Decision Lens has numerous well-known clients including Johnson and Johnson, Corporate Executive Board, and eBay among other organizations.

About Decision Lens 

Decision Lens Inc., headquartered in Arlington, VA, provides a family of desktop and Web-based software solutions designed to support group decision-making for planning, financial, IT and performance-related decisions.

Our comprehensive solutions manage the strategic alignment of goals and priorities with investments in people, projects, products and suppliers. Billions of dollars worth of decisions were made using Decision Lens this past year. By combining advanced decision-making techniques with world-class performance visualization capabilities, Decision Lens supports dynamic decision-making based on a well-structured, rational framework with superior reporting.