The most comprehensive & flexible decision-making process available.

What if you knew exactly which course of action could help you reach a goal? Which people, projects or ideas are the most likely to deliver success?

Introducing the Fall 2014 Release
More visibility, insight, and control for all users

Combine Software, Process, and People to maximize performance and results. 

Decision Lens is a prioritization software solution for decision making in today’s complex business environment.
  • Software:   Decision Lens requires no download or installations. This straightforward yet effective step-by-step software allows you to combine quantitative data and qualitative judgments to identify the projects, people or ideas that will help you reach your goals.  Learn More!
  • Process:  Based upon a mathematical theory, the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), this structured framework puts your goals at the center of the decision process. Use it to prioritize and evaluate decision criteria that are most likely to deliver the results you want. Learn More!
  • People:  Decision Lens invests in each of our clients by assigning a Client Manager (CM). The CM will leverage their expertise with your employees and stakeholders to focus the collective wisdom and think critically about your decision problem. Learn More! 
Develop business priorities that guide your actions in a changing business environment, and construct resource allocation scenarios that are actionable and repeatable.