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The Power of the Intelligent Portfolio®

Analytics without visualization becomes the search for a needle in a haystack. Powerful visual analytics from Decision Lens removes the guess-work from identifying the insights you need.


Outcome Comparison

If you decided to go with these three projects over these three, or with this resource plan over this one, what would the results really look like? Can you answer that question? Outcome Comparison lets you look at different sets of resource plans side-by-side to see what the outcomes may look like.
Compare Resource Scenarios side-by-side




Resource Balancing

With multi-year planning and dozens of budget pools, optimizing resources becomes nearly impossible to do manually. Resource Balancing gives you all the power of automation with all the options you need to build the exact plan you want.
Manage Resource bottlenecks and competing requests in advance


Value Return on Investment (VROI)

Funding by value ensures you get the highest bang for your buck. Rather than funding until you run out of budget, select those projects that will return the highest value for your budget.




Sources of Value

Where does the value from a project come from? See visually how each option ranks against each criterion.
Identify the differentiators between your projects


Value What-If Analysis

What if you valued safety concerns over potential financial return? How would your projects stack up differently? Perform dynamic what-if analysis on your portfolio.
See outcomes of What-If Analysis on investments 




Pareto Analysis

See what you could do with a 3% budget increase or a 10% reduction. What’s in and out of each portfolio option?
Create detailed budget allocation Scenarios


Bubble Chart

See up to four dimensions of analysis on a single frame with the popular and powerful Bubble Chart.
Achieve the deepest understanding of your data





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