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Professional Services

Deeper Insights and Expertise

Decades of experience in your industry solving the problems you’re working on. The Decision Lens Professional Services team includes talented individuals who are committed to your successful implementation and overall organizational adoption of the Decision Lens business process. Whether you’re a Pharmaceutical R&D team or a Federal budgeting group, we’ve got the expertise to assist you in your solution oriented approach of portfolio management.

Decision Lens Professional Services fully enables organizations to be more process-driven and successful with their strategic prioritization efforts. Our experienced Client Managers, Analytics Experts, and Education Instructors guide organizations through implementation, execution, and analytical discovery utilizing the Decision Lens solution.

Decision Lens Professional Services provides a range of offerings that can be custom tailored to your specific organizational needs.


Implementation & Education Services

Understand core functionality, leverage Decision Blueprints®, and become the ultimate business owner of the prioritization process and software utilization going forward.




Facilitation Services

Learn not only the fundamentals of using the software, but how to engage your stakeholders and experts through the process. Learn to become the expert facilitator or leverage our team to drive the process.
Maximize Your Organizational Expertise


Analytics Services

Get to the deepest levels of insight from the Decision Lens platform by delving into the analytics and algorithms. Move beyond standard prioritization to true portfolio optimization.
Unlock More Insights From Your Data




Experts in Your Industry

We’ve attracted some of the brightest talent in your industry by pushing the boundaries of what can be done for your problems. These experts, in industries like Transportation, Federal Government, Pharmaceuticals, Department of Defense, and more, will assist you and your team in solving your most pressing portfolio resourcing problems.
Accelerate Your Decisions with Industry Leading Experts


Decision Blueprints®

These best-practice, portfolio frameworks serve as a starting point for new portfolio planning exercises. They are based on the expertise of Decision Lens practitioners and built from years of experience with hundreds of other, similar, successful organizations. Decision Blueprints® are fully customizable by the individual user and are meant to accelerate the creation of portfolio models. Customers have realized dozens of hours in time savings by tailoring Decision Blueprints® to fit their specific situation, rather than starting from scratch.
Discover Decision Blueprints® for Your Needs