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Keeping Your Organization's Data Safe Is Top Priority

At Decision Lens, information security is not an after-thought, but a daily focus. Keeping your data safe is a key feature of every technical element built into our products.

Decision Lens is FedRAMP-certified and features information security practices that are built on industry best practices while leveraging known, trustworthy infrastructure services and complying with robust security framework standards. This allows Decision Lens to deliver prioritization and resource optimization software as a secure, readily available cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS).    

  • Google
  • AWS
  • SSL

Decision Lens cloud-based software, which is hosted on the FedRAMP-authorized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), rapidly engages decision makers to achieve better outcomes in a resource-constrained environment. Some of the key security features include:


FedRAMP Compliance

Decision Lens is fully FedRAMP compliant, having recently added an authorization to operate (ATO) from General Services Administration (GSA).


Identification and Authentication

Decision Lens employs numerous controls to uniquely identify and strongly authenticate all system users, such as:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Unique User Accounts
  • Automated Password Complexity and Management
  • Identifier Management



System and Information Integrity

Numerous controls are in place to guarantee the integrity of system files and customer data. Decision Lens places a high priority on the integrity of its operations and understands that data integrity is of utmost importance to customers within a multi-tenant SaaS solution. 



Security Training

Internal users receive basic security awareness training which covers roles and responsibilities, insider threats, phishing, and social engineering among other topics. Additionally, more specific role-based training is administered for those users receiving accounts within the Decision Lens system boundary, such as system and VPN administrators. 



Security Assessments and Monitoring

Decision Lens continuously assesses its security posture in a variety of ways, which ensure a robust method of oversight into potential weaknesses of the infrastructure and application. Our standard, cloud-hosted solution provides customer instances with a uniform level of security that is designed to enforce the concepts of least access, least privilege, tightly-controlled network data flows, and enhanced user security.



Incident Response

Decision Lens employs a full-scale incident response program to ensure that customers and government stakeholders are kept informed as incidents are detected, triaged, and resolved. While the security infrastructure design of the Decision Lens platform prevents, by default, many standard attack vectors, Decision Lens is committed to a continuous monitoring program that ensures no unwanted activity goes unnoticed.   

Decision Lens support and information security staff are available to assist any customers who think they may have witnessed a security incident, including accidental data leakage, or information spillage. 

Decision Lens is reachable by phone, email, and the Decision Lens support portal