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Intelligent Portfolio®

Delivering Intelligence for Smarter Prioritization

Organizations of all types follow a very similar process for identifying, prioritizing, and selecting projects and investments. Whether you are struggling over a portfolio of IT investments, a set of potential capital projects, or even a list of potential vendors to work with, your organizations will go through each of the main stages to get to your final portfolio for execution.

But how efficient is your approach? Is it automated or manually-driven? Can you use analytics and run scenarios to surface insights about waste and inefficiencies? Do you have the visibility you need into your resources and their strategic alignment?

Odds are, your strategic prioritization can be improved.

Decision Lens helps organizations like yours move away from manual, spreadsheet-based, and meeting-based portfolio management decisions and towards rapid, intelligent, data-driven decisions. The cloud-based software quickly delivers insights and efficiencies for each of the stages of portfolio prioritization. Whether you are just getting started, or looking to replace the multitude of project and portfolio management systems in your environment, Decision Lens has the data-driven, analytical solution for you.

And no one but Decision Lens delivers intelligent solutions across the entire portfolio management process in a single platform.


Our Process


The Decision Lens solution for portfolio management solves the most common problems organizations face today:

  • The differences between strategic options are rarely obvious, with insights hidden in the data and expert judgments.
  • Prioritization is too complex a problem to do manually due to the amount and dynamic nature of data and the volume of stakeholders opinions.
  • There is no automated way to account for non-objective data including sentiment, opinions, and expert judgments.
  • It’s difficult and process-intensive to deliver this manually on a regular basis without re-doing manually each time.

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